• A Time to Spa With Friends
  • Loving Cats in need of Loving Homes
  • Complementary for Seniors Citizen 
  • We Recycle Shredded Paper

      We collect clean, shredded paper and donate the paper to cats at rescue organizations. If you would like to donate your shredded paper, please deliver the paper in clear plastic bags. Other items such as food, toys, blankets, etc. will also be accepted.

Romeo - 2 years old 
Lovely and always happy 
Shots and Neutered
Penny - Female, 6 years old
Gorgeous big kitty
Shots and Spayed
Chase - male, 4 years old
Easy going, friendly
Shots and Neutered
Jessy Make
Jessy - Male, 7 years old
All shots and neutered
Gets along with other pets
Coco - female, Declawed 
Sweet and affectionate 
She came Declawed
5 years old all shots, Spayed
Vanta - fun loving one year old.
She loves to play. Smart and super sweet
Female, all shots and spayed
Mac and Tosh
Mac and Tosh - sibling boys.
All shots and neutered. One year old
Mac is very independent. And Tosh needs to be held like a baby all the time.
Angel - sweet female 
prefers a home with no other pets 
One year old, all shots and spayed 
Charlie - Male, 4 years old. Loves to play and be around people all shot and neutered
Hitch - Male
2 years old. Hemingway.
All shots and neutered
Playful and fun
Lily - female, 18 months old
Sweet, never does anything wrong 
She like to nibbles feet😀
Spayed and all shots 
Grace - female playful ok with other animals 
Great hunter.  One year old
All shots and spayed