• A Time to Spa With Friends
  • Loving Cats in need of Loving Homes
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Romeo - 2 years old 
Lovely and always happy 
Shots and Neutered
Penny - Female, 6 years old
Gorgeous big kitty
Shots and Spayed
Chase - male, 4 years old
Easy going, friendly
Shots and Neutered
Jessy Make
Jessy - Male, 7 years old
All shots and neutered
Gets along with other pets
Coco - female, Declawed 
Sweet and affectionate 
She came Declawed
5 years old all shots, Spayed
Vanta - fun loving one year old.
She loves to play. Smart and super sweet
Female, all shots and spayed
Mac and Tosh
Mac and Tosh - sibling boys.
All shots and neutered. One year old
Mac is very independent. And Tosh needs to be held like a baby all the time.
Angel - sweet female 
prefers a home with no other pets 
One year old, all shots and spayed 
Charlie - Male, 4 years old. Loves to play and be around people all shot and neutered
Hitch - Male
2 years old. Hemingway.
All shots and neutered
Playful and fun
Lily - female, 18 months old
Sweet, never does anything wrong 
She like to nibbles feet😀
Spayed and all shots 
Grace - female playful ok with other animals 
Great hunter.  One year old
All shots and spayed