Therapeutic Massage
River Stone, Swedish, Prenatal, Lymphatic, firm pressure, Reflexology, Scalp & Wood Massage.

60 min ...  $83

90 min ...  $114

2 Hours ... $165

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy is highly-specilized form of solf tissue massage designed  to alleviate chronic muscle and nervous system disorders and problems. This treatment bring relief to the pain associated with muscles, joins and nerves.  The goal is to rebuild the strengt of the injure tissues while restoring the body physical functionality. The problems are normally causes by a specific trauma, repetitive movements or even bad posture. Neuromuscular massage is considered an ongoing treatmet-not just something a person does whenever they feel a bit achy. Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage improves ranges of motion, enhances posture and better balance, treats trigger points and referal pain to reduce  or complete elimination of pain.  Treatment is by appointment only and is not perform on couple's massage or any spa pakages services.

60 min ... $100 

Custom Facials and Rejuvenation

Custom Facials and Skin Renewal for you...
We combine different avenues for facial needs, allowing skin care professionals to create effective programs that target individual needs.

Our facials specialize in skin treatments that promote, revive and renew your skin.
Facials are beneficial to the skin for all skin types.
Acne oil control, removing impurities, dead skin cells, controlling PH balance, hydration, removal of blackheads, treats anti-aging and moisturizes the skin for a rejuvenating youthful feel and impressive look.

Personally relaxing and invigorating we custom design each session to your individual skin type, while providing you with an unforgettable refreshing Spa experience.
All Natural Organic and Raw products combined with a unique atmosphere you'll be sure to experience a unique treatment!

Customized Facial ... $ 88
Black Facial ... $ 88
Vitamin C Facial ... $ 88
Anti-aging Facial ... $ 88
Seasonal Organic Facial ... $ 88
Pre-Teen Facial ... $ 88
Microdermabrasion with Custom Facial ... $ 114
Radiofrequency with Facial ... $196
Pumpkin & Fruit Acid Peel ... Add $ 21

Eye Treatment ... $ 52

Hand Treatment ... $ 52

Body Polish Exfoliants

Lavender & Rosemary ... $ 62
Peppermint & Eucalyptus ... $ 62
Aromatic Chocolate ... $ 62
Champagne & Roses ... $ 62

Detoxifying Infrared Sauna

Dry, infrared light is used in this natural process to help the body release harmful toxins and mineral wastes, improve blood circulation, strengthened the cardiovascular system to reduce joint pain and stiffness.
In addition to these benefits, your body burns 300 to 600 calories during 20-30 minute session!
One session ……………………$21
Infrared Sauna
Infrared has many therapeutic benefits for getting rid of toxic metals picked up from the environment. It aids in muscle relaxation, weight loss, immune boost & improves blood circulation if used frequently.
You may use before or after massage therapy.

$1.00 per minute. minimum 20 minutes ... $ 21

Custom Facial with Radio Frequency Treatment

Our custom facials with a unique treatment to not only refresh your skin but also to stimulate new collagen.
Radiofrequency treatment also causes some contraction of the skin, thus tightening it.
Although you'll notice the treatment's tightening effects immediately, the more significant improvements will occur gradually over a period of several weeks or months as the new collagen forms.
Series recommended

Custom Facials

Anti-aging and firming skin ... $ 196

Slender Body Treatments
Whatever your unique goal may be.... Touch of Class Day Spa offers customized treatments for your needs.

Do you have a great outfit that you love and no longer fits?

If you are on a weight loss program, diet, or just want to look and feel better, slimmer and more youthful, our slender body wraps will help jump-start your plan, and motivate you to stay on it. Whatever your goal is, from looking fabulous for a special occasion, to looking a pants size (or three) smaller, our Slender body wraps will help you achieve your goals.

You will see the results IMMEDIATELY.

Slender Body Wrap

series recommended for best results.

1 session ... $ 93
12 sessions ... $ 890

Cellulite Removal

Aids in diminishing unwanted cellulite by massage strokes in your areas of concern.

1 session ... $ 93

6 sessions ... $ 473

12 sessions ... $ 890

New Firming treatment- Radio Frequency
This is a treatment you don't want time to pass. It emphasizes areas where fine lines are prominent and other aging signs.
It also treats sun-related skin problems. This treatment is most effective to stimulate the body's natural healing response by delivering heat or light to the skin's deeper layers.
Radiofrequency rejuvenation uses heat (the radiofrequency energy)to stimulate collagen; therefore, tightening your skin.
Radiofrequency Rejuvenation
In addition to stimulating new collagen, radiofrequency treatment also causes some contraction of the skin, thus tightening it. Although you'll notice the treatment's tightening effects immediately, the more significant improvements will occur gradually over a period of several weeks or months as the new collagen forms.

Single session ... $ 196

Six sessions ... $ 999

Twelve sessions ... $ 1879

Life Coaching / Nutrition Counseling ... $ 83 / Session

Acupuncture ... $ 83 / Session

Total Body Waxing

Body Waxing for Ladies & Gentlemen
We use fine formulated wax, high quality resins and azulene for sensitive skin.
For your convenience we have waxing series available upon request.
Waxing Services
Waxing is not recommended: for clients taking Accutane, Retin A, Renova, Differin, Adapalene, Alustra, Avage, Avita, Isotretinoin, Tazarac, Tazarotene, Tretinoin, or any other similar type of skin thinning or acne medications.

First Time Brazilian ... $ 78+up

Abdomen ... $ 21

Lip ... $ 11

Nostrils ... $ 11

Ear ... $ 19

Brow ... $ 19

Sideburn ... $ 19

Forehead ... $ 19

Neck ... $ 16

Brow Shaping ... $ 19

Half Arm ... $ 26

Underarm ... $ 26

Gluteus ... $ 31

Lower Leg ... $ 31

Shoulder ... $ 1

Upper Leg ... $ 33

Full Face ... $ 42

Full Leg ... $ 62

Full leg with bikini ... $ 78

Full Arm ... $ 37

Full Back ... $ 52

Ladies Bikini ... $ 31

Ladies Brazilian ... $ 52

Chest ... $ 31

Chin ... $ 11